5.Americano, an addictive flavor coffee, is popular among coffee lovers


The American coffee that we commonly see in cafes or convenience stores was born after World War II. The American army was not used to strong espresso in southern Europe, so it was diluted with water, become to be another light flavor coffee. At that time, the main drinkers were American soldiers, so it was later called This coffee is also known as Americano.

People who are in love with the American style often “love and hate” it. Love is not uncommon, but hate is because it can’t be thrown away and can’t be quit. Once addicted, every cell in your body will be conquered by it. , beat for it, crazy for it.

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Confessions of a Severe American Addict-flavor coffee

As a severe American-style addict. I wake up every morning. Without a cup of flavor coffee Americano to stimulate my nerves, I feel as groggy as I have not woken up for almost a day, and there is no way to work properly. I still remember that my first coffee machine was an American drip filter machine, which was given to an event, and the online price is about 50 RMB. At that time, it was that small machine and a siphon pot that led me to the sea of stars and stars for coffee.

flavor coffee

What is “American coffee”?

“American coffee” English: Americano, Italian: Caffè Americano, An additive of flavor coffee, is the most common coffee. Americano is made by adding espresso to hot water. 

The second method is to make it with an espresso machine. After the espresso is extracted, continue to let the machine water until a complete cup of coffee. Of course, there is a third type: American drip filter, commonly called Daily Cafe in coffee shops. 

A lot of times I hear that American-style attitudes are seriously polarized. One is that I only drink American-style coffee because it is mellow; the other is that American-style coffee is not good, too bitter and strong. For coffee addicts, Americano is almost blood.

American coffee soul – Espresso

When many people first come into contact with American coffee, they will be surprised. Espresso can be sold under the name of American coffee just by mixing it with water? In fact, Espresso was invented and developed in Italy, beginning in the early 20th century, but until the mid-1940s, it was a drink made by steam pressure alone. The invention of the commercial coffee machine transformed the Espresso into the drink we know today. The production process of Double Espresso is probably that the coffee machine uses high temperature and high-pressure water to extract 45~60ml of coffee liquid in 20-30 seconds.

It is such a strong cup of liquid, which tests the barista’s extraction skills while testing the coffee beans. 

If the extraction time is tens of seconds, if the extraction is stopped too early, the concentration will become very sour and cannot be eaten. After a few seconds, the concentration will become watery, and even the bad taste of burnt bitterness and smoke will appear. Just the right time can make a cup of espresso rich but not overly complex, round, bright, or calm. 

Different varieties and roasting degrees of coffee beans will bring different tastes, but even if you make a delicious espresso that baristas relish, there will still be customers who don’t pay? Of course, there are still many people who can’t accept the strong stimulation of espresso, but at the same time they can’t resist the temptation of coffee, so they choose the American style. 

After the Espresso is diluted with water, the concentrated sour, sweet, and bitter are diluted, which makes it more pleasing, and it can be drunk for a while, which is very enjoyable. 

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