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1. As a barista starter, it is important to know more about additive coffee accessories


As a barista starter, they need to know more about the coffee accessories. French press, Vacuum Pot, Turkish Coffee, Chemex, Hario V60 Dripper, Kalita Wave Dripper, Vietnamese Dripper, Clever Dripper, AeroPress, Expresso Coffee Machine, Mocha Pot and Cold Drip Brewing is one of special part of the coffee accessories.

Coffee is addictive drink all around the world. A professional barista is to be a dream for the barista starters and coffee lovers.

As a barista starter, we may have no any knowledge, but we are appreciative and enjoyable to make coffee by ourselves. Although coffee knowledge is more important for a barista beginner, we need to know more about how to use coffee accessories to support this barista dream.

What kinds of coffee accessories would you need to know? Latte art set, pour-over Coffee set, brewing coffee set, bar cleaning set. All of them are your good partner for barista career .We will introduce all of them one by one in another article.

As barista starters, we should have an adventurous spirit, a learning heart, a perseverance power, and an action. We will defeat many times and try again and again. You will feel happy when you are able to pour a coffee with the correct taste. In this road, we will grow. Finally, we will be a successful one in the field of coffee accessories.

Our brand is a popular brand in the field of coffee accessories for more than 10 years. And we aim at high quality and best service all the time, so we gain the full recognition by the mass customers around the world. And our coffee accessories are multifarious so that is suitable for different level of barista. As a home barista or professional barista, our professional guidance to tell you which one you need to purchase.

barista starter

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