3.Chinese coffee shops: a great fashion in the world


In the Chinese coffee market, the huge potential was released rapidly and fierily. Drinking coffee is to be the daily habit. For Chinese young people, the most necessary social way is drinking coffee together. Customers will pay attention to the high quality of coffee and exquisite coffee. Apart from the milk tea, coffee will also be another gross national drinking trend.


Chinese coffee shops


Coffee Shop

Chinese coffee culture was blooming. More and more diversified coffee shops are built in great streets and small alleys. It is convenient to enjoy coffee for everyone. The price is not costly, and the quality is not poor. Chinese coffee shops are a crazy fashion in the world.

During the COVID, coffee shops appear everywhere.

With the good initiative in Chinese disease prevention, the city resident will come back to normal life. 

The coffee shop which is seen everywhere in the street provide a good social place. Drinking coffee anytime is to be a consume pop.

Most baristas have an intense attitude to coffee. And we have an impression from the design of the coffee shop, coffee machine, and coffee drink.


Coffee Shop in Dirty Gray is a pop style in Chinese


Coffee shops will mix diversification elements.


Nowadays, the coffee shop is built in a simple style. It is a fashion without any decorations in the coffee shops, and it will attract more and more young people.


At the same time, the coffee shop is combined many components, such as a sewing shop with a coffee shop. Coffee shops didn’t exist unitarily.


Sewing shop with a coffee shop






With the enhancement of the customers’ requirement in coffee quality, most coffee beans have two or more choices in coffee flavor. 


Except for the basic Italian coffee, latte, and so on, the barista learns more various ways to make coffee, such as ice drip, siphon, cold brew, and so on. 


Ice Drip




The coffee machine is not only satisfied to make coffee, but it is also the main component to decorate the coffee shop. 


Flash Mod of the coffee booth, one of the business activities, attracts more and more young people.


Coffee x Pizza Restaurant














The coffee shop which opened in the community is mainstream. 










They are small but it will raise citizens’ quality of the life.  The citizen will enjoy their life. When they go to work or out of the work, they can bring a cup of coffee. The Chinese coffee shop is very common. 

Coffee X Brewing Beer

The coffee will mix the beer or wine to produce the new products as a mainstream, such as beer American coffee, soda American coffee, latte with coconut milk, and so on. This new style of coffee will be suitable for young people. At the same time, their family will follow this style of coffee and try this different taste.


Few coffee shops spent a larger investment in moving the roasted room to the coffee shop, which will let the coffee lover touch more coffee cultures.
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