11. How to make a good Cappuccino with your French Press? Full of imagination


Hello, Michelle again.

Today, we would like to talk about how to use the French Press to make a good Cappuccino at home.

French press is a normal coffee extraction equipment in the European market. Around 40% family have the French press at home. It is a very common civilian artifact. Why? Because it can make coffee and tea, it can also be frothing milk, and it is the easiest coffee tool to get started with these coffee accessories, and you can make coffee with hot water. Its price is also very cheap, around 10 dollars for one. 

The French press is using an immersion extraction method. 

Because the ground coffee powder is placed in the pot, the water and coffee powder are soaked together. 

The grinding degree of the beans will be slightly coarser.

The water temperature can be used at about 90°, and the extraction time is about 1 minute. 

Therefore, the operation steps of this coffee tools are the simplest.

And the error rate is very low.


First, prepare a cup of Espresso as a base. 

Here we use 10g of instant black coffee, 200ml of hot milk at about 60°C, a French press, and a 350ml milk jug.

There are 3 ways to get a simple coffee base for Cappuccino

  • Pour 10g of black coffee into the cup and stir to melt with 20ml of boiling water. 
  • To verify that tweed can be pulled, instant coffee is used here.
  • Or we can put 18g of coffee powder into the French Press,  I like to use the 92℃ hot water, and follow the ratio of 1:10, around 160ml. 
  • Cover the lid, but not press down, soak and steam around 2:30s. 
  • Press down the filter basket of the French Press to the bottom, try not to mesh the coffee.  
  • A simple coffee base will come out.
  • Of course, if you have an espresso machine, it is better. 
  • We can put 18g of coffee powder into the coffee portafilter, use a coffee tamper to press it flat, and extracted 30ml of espresso.

Pour the hot milk into the french press, close the lid, place the pressed powder at the position of the milk interface, and whip and foam. 

Foam about 1-1.5cm, put the strainer in the milk, and beat evenly at a constant speed.

I think it’s a good time to work out the arm muscles. Hah Hah, press about 50-60 strokes.

During this period, the filter screen will appear on the surface layer. 

Otherwise, large air bubbles will be generated. 

After playing, gently take out the filter screen, when taking out the filter, the big bubble can come out together.

And then tilt the foamed milk into the 350ml milk jug. 

Next, it can be fused. Begin to make your latte art. Make the graphics you like.

Then we talk about a simple coffee fusion to make a heart-shaped Cappuccino.

The principle of coffee latte art is to form lines on the coffee liquid surface through the difference in the weight of milk foam and milk.

Therefore, in order to avoid whiteness during fusion, we need to be a little higher from the liquid surface.

When the flowers are out, close to the liquid level, and pay attention to the thickness of the foam when frothing the milk.


After the milk frothing finish, we will pour the milk into the other milk jug to make sure the frothing milk is good.

Then we slowly tilt the cup and slowly pour in the foamed milk at the center point.

Knowing that white milk begins to appear in the center, we straighten the cup and continue to pour milk to form a pattern.

The process of coffee latte art requires us to keep in touch. 

This process is slow and requires us to patiently practice for making Cappuccino with french press.

Of course, different kinds of milk jugs, different kinds of spout can help to make many different patterns of Latte Art, new time, we would like to talk more about that.

Would you love Cappuccino? 

If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment or contact us

Thank you.

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