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In the coffee road, you have to know that the coffee road special iced coffee is to change the sugar packet used in the traditional iced coffee to the special fructose of the coffee road, which makes the iced coffee more traditional in taste. Added a special fruity aroma, it is the best choice for you to try something new!

iced coffee


espresso machine x iced coffee

The Essence of Coffee Concentrate-iced coffee

Life is trickling like running water, and we can only find good memories after good things are accumulated. A good cup of coffee is the same. Espresso has always been loved by people. With ESPRESSO, which concentrates the essence of coffee to the maximum extent, it strives to create the perfect Italian fancy coffee. And that ever-changing charm comes from the concentration of essence.

Coffee Road pursues chain bars, casual bars, and coffee bars with special scenery with unique personalities. Sitting outside the sunny cafe, soaking up the sunshine and feeling the leisure time brought by the afternoon. People sit together, talk and laugh, make friends, read magazines, and feel the style brought to them by the coffee road.

Drinking coffee at the coffee road, if you don’t look at the pedestrians on the side of the road, it really seems that people have been in Italian cafes, especially the shadow of the afternoon sun shining on the table. The layout of the coffee road is outdoor. It is precise because of this setting that many foreigners who recall their hometowns think that they can taste the unique aroma of Italian coffee here, and feel the coffee in the process of tasting. It is rich and mellow, and after tasting it, you can experience the fashion culture behind the coffee. Here, you can drink the best quality Italian coffee.

“Concentration is the essence” is a kind of humanistic spirit to be advocated by Coffee Road. The concept of Coffee Road is to use mature Italian coffee manufacturing technology, and strive to allow more consumers to taste espresso from Italy and Italian fancy coffee with espresso as the background. The purpose of the coffee road is to peel off the mysterious coat of coffee and restore the original appearance of this drink as a livelihood drink in Europe and the United States.

In the coffee shop, if you want to test the skills of the barista, you might as well order a cup of ESPRESSO; if you like a lighter taste but don’t want to give up ESPRESSO, then a cup of American weak coffee is a good choice for those who experience pure coffee for the first time; If you are full of ideas and dreams, having an iced latte is a good choice.

If you want to feel the sweetness and troubles of Adam and Eve, you might as well have a cup of Eden iced coffee; if you want to feel your beloved chocolate in the hot summer, you might as well have a cup of iced mocha coffee; just to feel the hot summer can come If you want to be cool, choose frosted iced coffee; if you want to choose other flavors of iced coffee, then you must choose vanilla iced coffee, mint iced coffee, dessert wine iced coffee, champagne iced coffee, and green tea iced coffee, etc. 

The iced coffee you love feels cool and refreshing in summer.


espresso machine

Me and coffee including iced coffee

Now, I can lazily lean on the warmth, just for this moment to allow my grace to unfold. Cozy and coffee as a partner, let the busy days have more peace. A cup of coffee, a volume of idle books, I think this is the place where poetry lives.

My feast with iced coffee

Strong or weak coffee fills the room with fragrance, and one’s leisure can make one’s mind wander. Drink a cup of mellow fragrance, have a day of leisure, stop the rushing footsteps, and enjoy a coffee feast leisurely.

I think I don’t have too much extravagance for life. I just want the coffee to melt the warmth that fills the moment. Looking at the cars coming and going outside the window, I put down my focused eyes and zoomed in one close-up after another for Leisure to prove that I am wandering in a world of ease.


iced coffee

A lovely coffee shop-iced coffee

I found a lovely coffee shop near my residence, it has a lovely dog and cat in the shop. The coffee shop is not big, but there are a lot of customers. Occasionally a few people pass by. The table and stools are made of wood. I learned to make coffee. From the barista when the shop was not very busy, I found a close friend. I like this coffee shop and come here often. My spirit has been greatly relaxed here.

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