coffee equipment

16. To pour-over coffee, the best coffee equipment is necessary.


Coffee equiment: grinder

The following is the key points for the selection of the appropriate coffee equipment grinder :

First, it could adjust the grinding thickness; 

Second, it could be evenly cut and grinding; 

Third, the machine is not calorific easily. 

Fourth, the suitable price in the mind. 

Considering the above grinder selection focus, it is helpful for us to choose the right grinder. There are a number of portable hand grinders, which are also convenient and have a choice of thickness.

coffee equipment

Electronic scale

An electronic scale can accurately measure the weight of 0.1 gram of coffee beans.

Using an electronic scale, you would see how much water is being poured into the coffee, you would keep the weight and amount of water at the desired level (powder/water ratio).

If you have requested more accurate data, you would check the weight of the coffee power, instead of the weight of the coffee beans.

Weigh coffee beans with a little more approximately 1 or 2pcs coffee beans than requirest in advance, and then weigh them again after they are ground. Because some coffee power will remain in the grinder. It is helpful for minimizing the weight error.

Filter paper and filter cup

At present, there are many kinds of filter cups on the market. Such as V60 filter cups, plastic filter cups, metal filter cups, etc. They could be used with filter paper, metal filter net, or filter cloth. We recommend using a V60 filter cup, which is simple, easy to operate, and easy to clean.

However, there will be a difference in taste between brewing the coffee by a paper filter and the metal filter.

The filter paper will be refreshing and sweet. The metal filter retains the lubricating flavor of coffee oil, but it might be more turbid.

We suggest wetting the filter paper with hot water first. In order to remove the smell of paper.

The coffee flavor will be better after brewing.

If you worry about the excessive influence of the smell of paper on the taste of coffee, you can choose bleached filter paper.

Coffee kettle

It is recommended to choose a coffee kettle that can function as temperature control. The coffee kettle is more convenient to control the stability of water flow. In addition, the material of the coffee kettle and the design of the spout will affect the water yield, water flow speed, temperature protection, thermal conductivity, and other factors. Using a proper coffee kettle, it is better to control the flow of water. So that the water and ground coffee mix evenly.

Nowadays, there is a more different design of the coffee kettle on the market. A coffee kettle with a nice appearance could be a nice decoration in our coffee corner.


Hand-brewed coffee is actually quite simple. The basic steps are as follows.

  1. First, let us weigh 15 grams of coffee beans. The ratio of 1:15. It means that 225 grams of hot water will be injected.
  2. Moisten the filter paper with hot water before brewing coffee. It is helpful to make the filter cup fit the filter paper better.
  3. Grinding the coffee beans at a medium thickness. 
  4. Pour the coffee powder into the filter cup. And start to brew the coffee when the water reaches a suitable temperature.
  5. The whole brewing process will be divided into three stages. In the first stage, Jinjecting 30 grams of water, and make sure that all coffee powder is wetted. Steamed for 30 seconds. The purpose is to excrete carbon dioxide. It is helpful to brew preferably by the following steps.
  6. In the second stage, filled with 125 grams of water, then wait. When half of the coffee liquid drop into the cup, add the rest of the water to 225 grams. Also, wait for the coffee to filter. The total brewing time is 2 minutes.

If you have any interesting products, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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