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7. The exciting experience of using a new brewing coffee kettle


There are many types of brewing coffee kettles, and everyone feels different when using them. But no matter what others say, in the end, it only serves oneself, so it is the most important thing to feel comfortable and easy to use. After trying it for half a month, my feeling is that this kettle has a very brisk feel, and it performs very well in flow control. As a professional coffee pourer, it is easy to control whether it is a lover or a competitor.

Life is an attitude, and coffee is its flavor.

We love pour-over coffee not just because it tastes good, but because we enjoy the brewing process.
But because of its variability, we often get new utensils and try new brewing methods.

Take the brewing coffee kettle as an example. No kettle can be applied to everyone. If there is, it is a “slag kettle”!

What is the best brewing coffee kettle for you? I think it’s nothing more than a comfortable hold, plus points for flow control, and an acceptable price.

I would like to introduce this newly launched temperature-controlled hand brewing kettle. It has a small size, good flow control, and is labor-saving!

Stick to original design of coffee kettle

This is the first time I used this hand brewing kettle. 

I was quite pleasantly surprised. It is around a trapezoidal kettle, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. I was impressed with its special shape and comfortable feel.

Many brewing kettles are designed to focus on the bottom, and some baristas report that they are not very comfortable to use, and the water flow is not very controlled.

Especially on the field, to race against time, competitors often choose to use the double-kettle brewing method, but this pair of kettles must be light and controllable. 

Based on this starting point, we wanted to design a temperature-controlled hand brewing kettle that saves effort, has excellent flow control, and can easily perform double-kettle brewing.

Finally, after more than two years, after countless tests and corrections, this product appeared in our field of vision.

Human body coffee kettle, easy to use and labor-saving

Friends who have tried hand-brewed coffee should know that the control of “water flow” has a crucial impact on the extraction of coffee flavor.

If the water flow fluctuates, it will cause an insufficient or excessive draft of the powder layer, and it is easy to cause uneven extraction,

The coffee will have a sour feeling and impurities.

Water pressure

During the brewing process, the water in the kettle will become less and less. If you want to maintain stable water pressure and keep the powder layer rolling evenly, the bottom of the kettle needs to have a certain area.

Therefore, most of the hand-washing kettles on the market are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.

Kettle spout

At present, the mainstream design of the spout of the hand-washing kettle is an oblique cut, which is wide inside and narrow outside, and has some curvature.

This design is related to the V-shaped filter cup we use every day, that is, the powder layer structure of the inverted triangle. 

The thickening of the powder layer will cause the difference between the upper and lower drafts to become larger, and at this time, the water column must have a certain penetrating power. 

The so-called penetrating power means that the water column should penetrate the entire powder layer, so that it can be extracted evenly, rather than dripping and overflowing like water droplets.

Especially in the smoldering stage, if the water flow is too large, it will directly penetrate the powder layer and drip down, without evenly participating in the effect of exhaust and water absorption;

 if the water flow is too small, it will cause a large difference in the draft of the upper and lower powder layers, so the extraction is not effective. evenly.

Therefore, the design of the spout will have a great influence on the shape of the water flow, and the oblique cut can make the water column form a penetrating water flow that is thick at the top and thin at the bottom.

Kettle capacity

We usually make coffee by filling the water in the hand-powder kettle to seven or eight points full.

In order not to affect the control of water flow, it is generally recommended that you use a 0.6L~1.0L hand pouring kettle.

We have two sizes of this kettle: 0.6L and 1.0L, which can meet the needs of more baristas.

The whole body of the kettle is relatively small, which not only reduces our load, but also shortens the healing time, and the efficiency is significantly improved.

This petite body is completely controllable for beginners or girls.

Kettle handle

There are many types of handles for brewing kettles, and it depends on the individual whether they are suitable or not.

The frosted paint of this kettle is one of the biggest highlights of this kettle. The handle can fit well with the fingers, and the stability of brewing will also be improved.

Imported Strix temperature control function, accurate and fast

In addition, a good temperature control base is also indispensable.

Hand-brewed coffee is extremely sensitive to temperature, and excellent temperature control performance allows us to do more with less.

After trying it out for a while, what I found most comfortable was the responsive touch panel.

Finally, there is the heart rate, which refers to the time it takes for the water temperature to rise to a specified temperature.

This is a point that I personally think is more important. For individuals, the impact is negligible, but for store products, time is money.

If you have any interesting items, please feel free to contact us.

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