2. The french press is one of most powerful coffee tools in the coffee world


The french press is one of popular coffee accessories in the coffee world. It is suitable for a barista beginner. As we known, Melior or Bodum is both of famous in the french press world. And as the barista beginner, we need to know how to use the french press. We have a directly contact details to contact us. And we will provide the good service in IVYKIN.

As we all known, the french press was born in France. Melior or Bodum is both of famous in the french press world, because the device was further popularized across Europe by a British company by the name of Household Articles Ltd. and the Danish tableware and kitchenware company Bodum.

Recently, it is more and more popular in the field of Europe and America. It is always used in extracting coarse coffee powder because the fine coffee powder will block the filter, or it is unable to filter. Otherwise, we suggest using it with the coarse-medium and medium coffee bean. And it will stand out the sweetness in the end of coffee drink. French Press is also popular to use it in tea.

Now let us introduc how to use the french press:

First, we grind the coffee bean. We must make sure the coffee powder in extracting coarse but it is not fine coffee powder.

Second, we put the coffee powder in french press.

Third, we put the french press plunger to brew the coffee.

How to find this popular french press? Now we are able to provide the French press with the special package from IVYKIN. We will make sure that our products send to our clients with good qualities and surprises. Our special package will produce the glass of French press. And we have a good service of after-sale. You are able to find us in 24 hours.

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