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15. Classic coffee makers with its value


Turkish Cesvei coffee makers

Turkish coffee was invented in the 16th century. It is the oldest coffee maker in the world. The Superfine ground coffee is blended with sugar and melted with water, then heating the coffee pot by an open fire.

Turkish coffee boils three times. Boiling at the first time and the second time, we should take away from the fire and stir it. After boiling for the third time, let stand for a while and pour into a glass cup. We could enjoy the coffee without filtration.

French Press coffee makers

The French press was founded by the French in 1850. The structure of the French press is a glass or metal body, and a metal screen with a pressure bar.

The coffee essence is released through full contact brewing of water and coffee powder. It is very popular in the USA.

The application of the French Press is extensive. It could be used for making coffee, tea, milk foam.

coffee makers

Pour Over Dripper coffee makers

The idea of pour-over coffee was founded by Ms. Melita in 1908. The basic operations are not complicated. The first step put the coffee ground on the filter paper, and then pour some water. The coffee essence will be filtered directly into the cup. The water temperature, time, and water yield are necessary.

Mona Pot coffee makers

Mona pot was found by Italian in1933. It is one of the most traditional coffee makers.

Here’s how the mocha works: When the water comes to a boil, the pressure built up by the steam pushes the hot water up to the top of the pot. It breaks through the layer of ground coffee in the middle and extracts the coffee.

Mocha pot is divided into a single valve and a double valve. The pressure of a single cable is 1-2bar, the double valve is 3bar. The main materials of Makati pot are stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Because aluminum alloys heat more evenly, it is more popular in the market.

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Syphon coffee makers

The siphon was invented in Europe in the mid-fifties. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The siphon produces steam by heating waters. And the hot water from the lower sphere is pushed to the upper pot. Extract at high temperature, cool down, and then suck the extracted coffee back.

The operation of the siphon pot is not simple. We need to control the heating temperature, time, moisture ratio. Not recommended for beginners.

Capsule coffee machine coffee makers

Capsule coffee was invented in Switzerland 40 years ago. The operation is very simple, no need to buy coffee beans, grinders, etc. You can get a cup of coffee in just 30 seconds by purchasing a special capsule for your coffee maker. After the coffee machine is put into the capsule, a hole is pierced at the top, and water is continuously injected for pressurization, pre-foaming, high-pressure rapid extraction, and then the coffee liquid is eliminated, and a cup of coffee can be obtained.

Semi-automatic coffee machine coffee makers

Espresso machines use the principle of high-pressure steam, usually a boiler to generate hot water, pressurized to about 5-19 ba, through a metal filter of powdered coffee beans to make a standard espresso. The semi-automatic coffee machine is usually equipped with a steam bar. Milk is quickly heated and frothed by steam spray. The semi-automatic coffee machine can make a cup of premium quality coffee.

Automatic coffee machine coffee makers

A fully automatic coffee machine is the easiest to operate coffee appliance, completely free hands. After the beverage is selected on the screen, the coffee machine grinds the coffee beans into powder, automatically presses the powder, and automatically brews the coffee beans. Using the pump.

The pressure allows the hot water in the heating pot to instantly pass through the pressed coffee powder in the brewing chamber. Instantly extract the essence of coffee powder. At the same time complete.

Milk is heated and foamed. Automatically makes the perfect cup of coffee in 30 seconds.

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Filter coffee machine coffee makers

Drip coffee machine is a special machine for making black coffee. The Espresso machine automatically heats the water, then drops it evenly into a coffee filter for extraction. The extract flows into the coffee pot. American based on Italian concentration.

In contrast, the gourmet coffee produced by the slow drip method has a stronger flavor and higher caffeine content.

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Cold brew bottle coffee makers

Cold-brew coffee became popular in the 1990s. The cold brew is a relatively trendy coffee utensil, which is generally made of glassware with an ultrafine nylon filter. After the freshly ground coffee powder is put into the filter, it is very simple to operate with the cold pot, which can be used to extract coffee, tea, etc.

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