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17. The light Vietnamese dripper is full of miraculous power


Vietnam is border China. We know more about Vietnamese coffee. It is a good taste for many people to enjoy it. Vietnamese coffee is related to Vietnamese drippers. The Vietnamese dripper is a special exist in coffee accessories. And it opens a new vision of coffee accessories. And we need to know more about the Vietnamese dripper and how to make Vietnamese coffee.

1. The origin of Vietnamese coffee

Coffee was introduced into Vietnam in 1857 by a French Catholic priest in the form of a single Coffea arabica tree. 

The beverage was adopted with regional variations. Because of limitations on the availability of fresh milk.

As the dairy farming industry was still in its infancy, the French and Vietnamese began to use sweetened condensed milk with dark roast coffee. 

Vietnam did not become a major exporter of coffee until the Đổi Mới reforms and the opening of the economy after the war. 

Now, many coffee farms exist across the central highlands

Vietnam is now the largest producer of the Robusta variety of coffee and the second-largest producer of coffee worldwide.

2. How to make Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is related to Vietnamese drippers. How to use the Vietnamese dripper?

First, pour 1-3 tablespoons of condensed milk into your coffee mug or heatproof glass.

Second, Pour two tablespoons of hot water into the filter and wait for 5 seconds to “bloom” the coffee. 

This is the part of the brewing process when the water releases CO2 from the coffee and the grounds expand.

Third, press on the filter gently to compress the bloomed coffee. 

This helps slow down the drip rate when you use all of your water. 

It also makes for a more flavorful coffee. We’ll be able to achieve the optimum brewing time. 

Slowly pour the rest of the water into the filter. 

The coffee will begin dripping into your cup or glass.

Finally, wait about 5 minutes for the coffee to finish drip brewing and remove the filter, and stir to mix in the condensed milk. 

3. IVYKIN and Vietnamese dripper

Vietnamese dripper is a simple coffee dripper tool. 

It will attract many people to try Vietnamese coffee taste. 

Actually, it tastes too sweet because of the condensed milk. 

Condensed milk with boiling water is the milk drink in Southeast Asia. 

The Vietnamese dripper is one of the most famous coffee tools in the coffee world. 

It will convenient for coffee lovers to make sweet coffee. 

This way is made the coffee is simple. 

IVYKIN will provide good-quality stainless steel coffee accessories, including Vietnamese drippers. 

The nice Vietnamese dripper will be made in the good faith of the manufacturer.

We wish we are able to provide a good service. 

And IVYKIN will provide OEM and ODM services. 

Wish you have a chance to design your products.

Vietnamese coffee is full of national flavor. 

Sweet milk is one of the signal coffee dosages in the southeast area. 

Vietnamese dripper will bring a different sense the coffee accessories, and it is very useful in Vietnam. 

And we should know how to make a national flavor of Vietnamese coffee. 

Sweetly condensed milk is an important element in Vietnam coffee. 

Although the Vietnamese dripper didn’t have any difficult steps in pouring Vietnamese coffee, it will pour the nice Vietnamese coffee with good taste. 

As our brand, IVYKIN is great at making coffee accessories in stainless steel, including the Vietnamese dripper. 

We wish we have a chance to establish our cooperation. 

If you have any interesting products, please feel free to share them with us.

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